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We all have different opinions about what should be the right way to protect our important files and documents; at least this shows how much we value these files. People spend a lot of money on various anti-virus programs; and this is quite commendable, but are there no better ways of protecting our files? In fact, two unique programs stand out when it comes hiding your IP address; these are the free proxy servers and applications that can be installed to shield your IP location. With either of these programs, you will be able to avoid being attacked by spyware, and your credit card information will not be exposed.


What is an internet protocol address? It is a unique set of numbers that sets you apart from other internet users all over the world. It is provided by your internet service provider; and grants you access to the World Wide Web. It serves almost the same purpose as your homing or forwarding address; and that is why websites are able to reach you even after leaving their web pages. That is why surfing anonymously remains the most effective option if you who want to protect your identity. Now, let us take a look at the two programs earlier mentioned in the first paragraph of this article; the free proxy server, and the IP hiding software.

If you want your IP address or replaced with a fake one in order to protect your online identity; then you can try any of the popular free proxy servers. These servers are websites created to enable you surf the internet through a dedicated tunnel and address. These websites can be used without paying a dime, and all you need is the URL of the website you intend to visit. Once the URL is typed into the address bar of the free proxy server, it replaces your IP address with a fake one. However, free proxy servers are not as secure as most people expect them to be. They are usually plagued with a lot of problems such as. Most times it is difficult to access HTTPS websites, and other times you simply have to deal with a lot of annoying ads that usually affect the speed of your internet connection. This method is definitely the most suitable for all those who want to enjoy surfing anonymously without being exposed to malware programs.

Only the hide your IP software is capable of turning things around positively when it comes to putting hackers in check. Hiding your IP address is just a few installations away if you are lucky to find one of the advanced applications online.
Remember, you have much to gain and nothing to lose if you choose to protect your identity online.

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